Honey Ear Trio's first west coast tour was deeply satisfying, life affirming and an epic journey! We had some really great audiences and met some wonderful people. The shows were really fun and many of them were sold out. We're really looking forward to going back to the west coast again soon! Although all three of us have toured up and down the west coast many times with other groups, it was so great to do it for the first time with Honey Ear Trio, playing our own music and running our own ship.
   There were some really long drives, always a great opportunity for listening to some CDs and having conversations that stretch out for hours. It's not often in this modern world that you get to talk about one topic for 3 or 4 hours straight. We listened to a lot of Pharaoh Sanders - The Seven Colors album and the one he made in Morocco. There was also a crazy experience listening to Alice Coltrane's Universal Consciousness as we drove through rural Oregon in the middle of the night under a beautiful full moon, it was like a horror movie (except we didn't stop to participate). A Hamid Drake and William Parker duo CD was in constant rotation too. 
   We made some deep new friendships, which will hopefully have threads into the many possible futures. There were some really special guests who played with us on a few shows, which was very inspiring. Jenny Scheinman played with us in Arcata, CA, Kate Olsen and Naomi Siegel sat in on the Seattle show at the Royal Room, Reed Wallsmith in Portland (Porkland), OR and Wil Blades played organ with us on some tunes in Berkeley, CA. All of them slipped right in and added something really special, Jenny even left us some charts to harmony parts she came up with.  It was a pleasure to have such talented people playing with us! There were some really fun co-bills; with Todd Sickafoose's band Tiny Resistors in Mill Valley, CA. (Todd mixed the Honey Ear Trio CD "Steampunk Serenade" and his music is great) and in Portland we played with Battle Hymns and Gardens and Why I Must Be Careful. Both of those bands not only have long names but they sounded really, really great, great concepts.

   Thank you to everyone who came to the shows and everyone who helped us out, we couldn't have done it without you!

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