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Jazz Setlist, April 21-27: Natives Only

Sunday, April 24

Honey Ear TrioDrummer Alison Miller grew up in the D.C. area, graduating from Sherwood High School in Olney before becoming an extremely prolific and diverse player in New York. Just about the only thing Miller doesn't do, in fact, is play it safe. Case in point, her new project The Honey Ear Trio, in which she collaborates with saxophonist Erik Lawrence and bassist Rene Hart. Saxophone trios are all the rage these days, which means the Honey Ear Trio have to subvert the template: Hart uses electronics to manipulate, loop, and otherwise mess around with the sounds he makes on his bass; it's sort of like a sax trio with a bionic appendage. Not that they'd be a terribly conventional band anyway; the forms of the tunes they create, along with their approach to performing on their individual instruments, are as warped and oblong as a penny smashed on the railroad tracks. But no trainwrecks to be had here. The Honey Ear Trio performs at 8 PM at Bossa. $5.

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